Benefits of Drinking Gunpowder and Various Other Teas

Tea is a highly popular drink consumed by millions around the world. Mostly, tea plants grow well in tropical and mountainous regions. Tea is obtained from Camellia Sinenisis bush. There are four kinds of teas-white, green oolong and black in the order in which it undergoes most processing. White tea has least processing done, but black the most, but all of them come from same plant. Tea is estimated to be 4400 years old and is believed to have originated in china. 

Gunpowder is actually a green rolled tea that few Englishmen though resembled gunpowder. Rolling tea leaves into small balls helps in preserving their freshness. As leaves are exposed to air, they begin to oxidize. Gunpowder is also known as pearl tea. It has a sort of smoky flavor. In many North American countries, the Gun powder tea is also mixed with sugar and mint. You can see gunpowder rolled tea leaves unfurl when hot water is poured over the offers high quality gunpowder tea. You can order your requirements right on their website.

It has been believed since long that tea can cure many ailments. It is also believed that tea also inhibits cancer causing oxidation in the human cells. You can also grow your own tea plants, and they’ll be ready in three years, but you will have to use same processing techniques as used by big tea processors. Mainly tea is roasted, steamed, or pan fried to get the form that we use in our homes. Before application of heat, tea leaves are allowed to wither in air. Before this process, depending upon the tea you want, it is either stirred or shaken to bruise. If not done properly, some anti-oxidants and nutrients in the plant can get damaged due to processing. Interested in Genmaicha? click here to see more selection!

When picking tea leaves, only young leaves near the tip and buds are harvested. New tea leaves are called flush. As you would want to harvest young leaves, the harvesting is mostly done form the flush. For large scale industrial processing, the withering is mostly done on racks. Sometimes the tea leaves are bruised or rolled to expedite the oxidation process. Later on, to produce certain varieties of teas different types of heating processes are used such as firing, firing or hot air heating.

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